Lavamani Hand Cleaner (4000 ml)


HD Hand Cleaner with Glycerine

Lavender handwash compound for general use. It allows to obtain a perfect cleanliness of the hands. It removes and eliminates the most obstinate dirt without chapping and drying the skin. It contains moisturizing and emollient substances.

  • Physical and chemical characteristics

The mixture of anionic and non-ionic surfactants with microgranules
Color appearance: light color paste
Smell: lavender compound
Relative density: pasta 1: 1
Hydro-solubility: yes
Ph: 7.5 approx

How to use

Put on dry hands the necessary quantity of handwash paste, rub, rinse, and dry. Repeat the operation if necessary.


To use the compound respect the safety guidelines specified in the safety data sheet.

Technical information and recommendations comply with our experiences. A.I.Chem guarantees the constant quality of the product. Since the conditions of use are not under our control, we don’t assume any responsibility for the results obtained.

Weight9.27 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 9 in


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